Keenetic's Seven

Our Keenetic team discussed prospectives with leading distributor companies from the EMEA region. We believe our one-on-one meetings will become a good start for long lasting partnerships. Stay tuned!

Keenetic at DISTREE EMEA'18

We will be presenting new Keenetic product line at DISTREE EMEA ’18.

A range of affordable, reliable and very competitively specified, updateable Smart Routers for all budgets and all operational scales from "Start" to "Ultra".

To discuss Distributor opportunities or to see the product in the flesh come visit us

Keenetic Is on a Hunt for Intl distributors

Keenetic Distributors will enjoy:

  • Highly competitive margins

  • A range of very well built, highly specified smart routers, that can match every budget and every operational scale with built-in automatic software update capabilities and modular connectivity that allows Keenetic to grow with the client's needs and wishes

  • Keenetic’s global product