Keenetic partners with esports organization HEET

Keenetic is deepening its cooperation with the Belgian esports organization HEET. The HEET teams are equipped by Keenetic with routers from the extensive portfolio.

In addition, Keenetic will provide various devices for contests and sweepstakes, as well as unboxing videos via HEET players' streaming channels. Keenetic tournaments will also be held with the chance for the community to win many prizes.

Together with HEET, Keenetic enables esports athletes to ensure the best possible connection speed at a special price. Keneetic products have the same chipsets as the well-known market leaders, but differ significantly in their own advanced software with a wide range of functions such as an extremely reliable Internet connection with several providers at the same time: in the event of a network failure of the main provider, the Keenetic router automatically switches to the backup channel. HEET players don't have to worry about data loss or complicated recovery processes either, thanks to integrated storage and backup functions. Safety is a priority as well. Keenetic delivers the settings for secure operation at home directly from the factory and uses digital HTTPS certificates for this.

“Our players are interested in the most powerful hardware only. With its routers, Keenetic offers products that also meet the highest demands of our professionals. We are very excited to welcome Keenetic as an official partner in our community,” says Daniel Karlík, Partnership Manager of HEET Gaming.

The following influencers will participate in the campaign with their Twitch accounts and other social media accounts:

HEET is a tribe of unlikely heroes destined and determined to leave a lasting mark on esports through wild gameplay and a relentless drive to succeed. HEET competes against the biggest names in the industry to write its name in the annals.

HEET comes from all corners of Europe and the fans are not tied to one place or border either. Instead, they share the same burning passion for living life on the wild side, standing up for what they believe in, witnessing historic moments and having a good time in the process.